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Here's some pricing scenarios for some clients we currently serve


Price from: $250 per month
  • Like many business owners, Chris is great at what he does and has no interest in bookkeeping. He actually hates it, procrastinates, and is concerned that he’s doing things wrong — especially in regards to taxes and payroll.
  • Chris also values that we not only assist with bookkeeping but also assist with connecting him to others in our network, building our businesses together.
  • Chris is a LLC with five contractors and two employees.
  • We handle his taxes, filings and monthly bookkeeping.


Price from: $550 per month
  • Susan’s business is organized as an S-corporation and has 80 employees. She has hundreds of clients and works extensively with local community groups and government agencies.
  • She’s thrilled with her business growth and is passionate about bringing her services to more people around the country.
  • We provide the services of an outsourced accountant: monthly bookkeeping, bill payments, payroll, W-2’s, and 1099’s.

Professional Services

Price from: $850 per month
  • Linda and Hank have a huge vision for taking their company and doing amazing things with it worldwide.
  • Their business growth is amazing, and they’ve begun to use more technology, media and the internet to expand their business and improve their profitability.
  • Their agency is organized as a multi-member LLC, and they have three employees.
  • They want an accountant who has the depth and the network to help them grow and expand their business.
  • In addition to handling the accounting nuts and bolts, we also provide custom monthly reports, quarterly Skype sessions, and income tax preparation.
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